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I keep reading everywhere that minivans have better fuel economy than SUVs, but I can't seem to find a minivan that can beat 19mpg (I'm not counting highway mileage because I almost never have the opportunity to drive on the open highway). Meanwhile, you can get a Ford Escape at 22mpg (2008 Ford Escape). So, what gives?

I have zero self-consciousness about image; I'm more than happy to drive a minivan if that makes the most sense. But, I'm not hauling around a large family-it's just me (short female, no need for legroom), kiddo (bulky carseat in the middle of the backseat), and a sizable dog (collie) in the cargo area. So, the Ford Escape has suited me just fine so far, even though I certainly don't tow anything or require off-roading (though my driveway is on a pretty steep hill). However, I'd certainly switch to a minivan if it made sense in some other way-cheaper to buy, cheaper to fuel, etc. I've read they are safer for kids, which would be a compelling reason if true. I've heard rumors that a minivan is also cheaper to insure.


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Originally Posted by Archguy Minivans in the USA get horrible fuel mileage!

...There are far more economical models available overseas, but I guess the mfr's figure that Americans won't buy them.
International minivan offerings are far shorter on Safety / Emission requirements than manufacturers are willing to 'upgrade' / (submit to USA regulations). Often they are Diesel(USA is NOT a Diesel friendly place... especially CARB states)
-...but you're right, minivans tend to be safer, more stable, and cheaper to insure (partly for demographic reasons). I thought they were more economical too. Weight and projected frontal area are the big economy killers. Minivans are usually MUCH safer to occupants. SUV's have truck rating and transfer LOTS of energy to occupants in a crash = More deadly, more Physical Therapy.I applaud you for focusing on the EPA city figure. Used to be mfr's were required to quote both, now they get away with advertising only their hwy mpg and most people drive locally most of the time.

Maybe if you live in VA, (or urban east) or a big midwestern / western city, BUT... folks in much of the west drive far more Highway than City. (I try to Never live in a county with traffic lights, I'm not much for poking along at city mpg or speed)

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Its been like that for awhile, people just have a wierd perception.

I have heard people give other people **** for getting like a tahoe that gets ~17-18 mpg and talk about a minivan that gets like 1-2 more mpg as much friendlier to the enviroment, even though you see old tahoes hanging around but old minivans get crushed.

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Originally Posted by SentimentalDemon

I keep reading everywhere that minivans have better fuel economy than SUVs

Don't believe everything you read!

It's been my experience that such "comparisons" tend to pick the extremes of both sides to make a point - in other words, YMMV. As to what you're writing about, well, there are a number of very good "small" SUVs (I chuckle @ the term "crossover" - most are about the same size as the first mega selling SUV - the first gen Ford Explorer) on the market today at a wide range of price points and equipment levels. Shop around & enjoy!

(PS - saw my 1st "new" Escape in the wild yesterday - seemed quite nice inside & out)

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