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The Best Used Minivan Under $5 | Best Used Minivan Guide

Need a car for your family? Have a credit score so bad that the bowling alley won’t loan you shoes?

If you have some cash saved, you can get a car that’s safe, reliable and practical —but you’ll have to go back in time.

Back to when Tom Cruise had the guts to jump on Oprah’s couch, Pontiac was still around and your visor CD-holder wasn’t complete without a “Now That’s What I Call Music” CD.

That’s right, we’re looking in the mid 2000’s.

Dodge Magnum

Year Range: 2005-2008

MPG: 21/28

Why: The Dodge Magnum proves that wagons can be cool. Introduced in 2005, the rear-drive Magnum wowed shoppers with its muscle-car bravado and an available Hemi V8 to back it up. Though on a $5, 000 budget, you’ll be looking at more benign models like the SE and SXT, which come with 200 and 250 horsepower V6 engines respectively.

The Magnum is an deceivingly practical car —with loads of cargo room and all-wheel drive available. Some models even have a rear-seat DVD player to keep those minions of yours entertained. The Magnum is a great car for a smaller family trying to keep some remnants of “cool.”

What you’ll get for $5, 000: A quick search on Mojo Motors yields plenty of 2005-2006 models with anywhere from 90, 000 to 140, 000 miles on the odometer. But judging by how many were also for sale with 180, 000+, we know these cars go for a while

Mazda MPV

Year Range: 2002-2005

MPG: 18/25

Why: Most families have ditched them by now, but nothing will ever be more family-friendly than a good-ole minivan. Unfortunately, Japanese stalwarts like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are pricey even as they get above 150, 000 miles, but the lesser-know MPV from Mazda is nearly every-bit as reliable and far more budget-friendly.

Like any car from Mazda, it out-handles its rivals, making it fun-to-drive while running errands and practical when it’s time to drop the kids off at Lacrosse practice. The MPV will seat 7 total, but it doesn’t offer quite the same amount of cargo space as other minivans. If you truly need more space than this van can offer, you should be looking here .

What you’ll get for , 000: You’ll find numerous MPV vans from 2002 and 2003 for under 5k, but try to stick with 2004 and above when disc brakes became standard on all models. The best example we found was a 2005 MPV with 118, 000 miles.

Ford Taurus

Year Range: 2000-2007

MPG: 19/26

Why: In spite of its plebeian, wide-eyed look, the Taurus was one of the most popular cars in America, gracing Ford showrooms from 1999 to 2007. Even as the model aged, it fiercely competed in the midsize sedan market, offering a lower starting price and a lineup of reliable engines.

Now a decade after its prime, there are still thousands of these cars on the road, but they haven’t held their value nearly as well as their Japanese competitors (which is good for you.) Properly equipped, the Ford Taurus can seat 6, although we can’t say that’ll be a comfortable set up. Wagon versions have an available rear-facing third row option that bumps the seating up to 8. Now your car will have something in common with a Tesla Model S!

What you’ll get for , 000: We managed to find a 2006 Ford Taurus with only 90, 000 miles for the magic price of $5, 000, and it even had the premium Duratec V6! It wasn’t alone either. There were plenty of them from 2003-2006 with less than 100, 000 miles that fit comfortably in our price range.

Chevrolet Suburban

Year Range: 2000-2006

MPG: 14/19

Why: If you have a large family, a small budget and big ambitions, a full-size SUV is what you need. And there’s no SUV quite like the Chevrolet Suburban. Believe it or not, the Suburban is one of the longest running model lines in history, spanning over 80 years and 12 generations. The 10th generation Suburban, produced from 2000 to 2006, is your best bet if you’re looking in the $5, 000 price range.

This was when SUV surge was at its peak, so there are plenty of Suburbans from this generation still around to pick parts from.SUVs come from the factory with enormous price tags, but with gas prices on the rise, the resale value of large SUVs has taken a big hit. Now it’s easy to find older models in this price range. It will be thirstier than a frat boy on the 4th of July, but when you have a big family, there really isn’t much choice.

What you’ll get for , 000: These trucks are durable, so don’t be too intimidated by high-miles. On Mojo Motors, 5 stacks will find you a Suburban from the early 2000’s with around 120, 000 miles. Just remember that you should only get a full-size SUV if you truly need all the utility. There are plenty of other ways to carry 7 or more people.

Hyundai Sonata

Year Range: 2006-2010

MPG: 24/34

Why: Hyundai has evolved considerably from the bargain brand it used to be. Just as Honda did during the 1990’s, Hyundai has worked hard to deliver an exceptional product at a low costs in order to change the public’s opinion of them. The fifth generation Sonata, produced from 2006 to 2010, was a big part of that effort. With a comfortable ride, generous amenities and a bullet-proof engine, it was the first model from the company to truly go head-to-head with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

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