Chrysler minivan camper conversion

Creative UsesOur conversion vans are some of the most versatile vehicles available. And in addition to serving as affordable wheelchair accessible vehicles for special needs passengers, many of our customers have found that its size, stability, manual loading ramp and other great features are perfect for other creative uses as well.

Large Animal Van

One FR Conversions customer came up with a very interesting and creative use to solve her need for affordable transportation for her pony. She simply removed the rear and middle passenger seats of her conversion van, laid down horse mat flooring and voila she has a large animal van. The easy loading ramp makes it fast and simple to load any large animal like a pony, donkey, or calf, for example. Typically, transporting a large animal requires hitching a trailer to the rear of another vehicle before loading and securing the animal. Also, most trailers are open-air exposing animals to the weather elements.

A conversion van is not only more practical, it is safer and healthier for large animals. First, they get to ride in the same vehicle as their owner which makes both parties happier. Second, the windows allow it to stick his or her head out for fresh air while keeping comfortable inside the van protected from extreme weather conditions like heat, rain, and snow. Third, there is plenty of room for them to move around. The horse mat floor cover is easier on their joints too. So, if you are transporting large animals, you many want to consider ditching the hitch and trailer and investing in a conversion van. They will thank you.

Camper Van

Another interesting creative use is as a camper van. That’s right; our conversion vans are so roomy, stable and durable it can serve as a comfortable vacation home on wheels. The conversion is so easy it can be done in a day. The wheelchair accessible ramp makes loading all the comforts of home fast and effortless. Once the rear passenger seats are removed, you can secure shelves to the interior wall so they won’t move while the vehicle is in transit. Then slide in your mattress (there is enough space for two twin mattresses with room to spare). You can even install plush carpeting on the floor space if you desire for a more customized appearance. So instead of buying an expensive camper, consider a conversion van. Plus, when you no longer need the camper simply re-install the passenger seating to use it as a minivan or convert it for another creative purpose.

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