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Dodge Journey - A Stigma-Free Stand-In for the Minivan - The New

There’s this grey area somewhere between the SUV and the minivan that automakers sometimes cross over into. For Dodge, it’s the Journey that takes on the task of serving as the manufacturer’s most recognizable muddled mixed-breed. It’s a strange machine for sure, because from one angle it appears all minivan, but from another screams SUV, even though it is technically categorized as a compact sport utility vehicle.

What we have here is the 2016 version of the Journey Crossroad Plus, complete with all-wheel drive, a 283 horsepower V6, 19-inch alloy wheels, a towering amount of tech, leather-clad everything, and quite a few handy “mommy add-ons” to boot.

Micah Wright/Autos Cheat Sheet

What I found after tooling around town, mashing the gas on the interstate, and burying the brakes to feel for any fade was that while this is indeed a vehicle that has been bred for shopping malls and soccer matches, it has that hearty Dodge/Jeep thing going for it as well. The Journey is not some super soft, uninspired attempt at cornering an already oversaturated SUV segment. It has its own hard lines, masculine motives, and ingenious implementations in various areas, all without being overly complicated or expensive.

Nevertheless, if one were to get in the driver’s seat they would likely note that there are some pretty sizable flaws with this vehicle. Even though this car came absolutely loaded with options for a reasonable $34, 360, there remains a nagging doubt regarding reliability and long term ownership that throws a wet blanket on the whole idea of owning a Journey. Here is why we think you might want to wait for the next generation, even though this one is already a pretty solid offering.


Aesthetically, the Crossroads version of the Journey is not that hard on the eyes. While it may not be winning any awards for sex appeal, it’s not causing us to gouge our eyes out either. It’s undeniably Dodge front end gets gloss black grilles and platinum chrome trim pieces, its integrated roof rack is unobtrusive and paint-matched to complement the car, those glowing LED orb taillights are sharp and simple, and with its 19-inch alloy wheels and integrated dual port exhaust, there is a certain amount of performance styling here as well. A Crossroad edition Dodge Journey is a car for people who don’t want a SUV that is too large and inconvenient or a minivan that is too feminine looking and low-slung. This is the car that neither parental unit minds being seen in, and for that we must commend Dodge’s design department.

Exterior pros and cons

+ Black tail lamp and head lamp bezels, platinum chrome accents, and gloss black grilles all add a little bit of evil.

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