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IMG_9542-640x442Earlier this month I was invited by Kia Motors to attend their media introduction of the 2015 Kia Sedona and 2015 Kia Soul EV. If you have been following Simply Real Moms then you know what a huge fan I have become of Kia and I was excited to get behind the wheel of both vehicles, especially the Kia Sedona.

Ever since I can remember I have had a negative taste in my mouth for minivans. I can’t really pinpoint why but they remind me of a car for older, stay-at-home moms. Moms who have around 4-5 children, and I swore I would never own one. I have been inside a few minivans and have even driven one for 3 months during a campaign but I was never sold. I consider myself a very modern mom. I like things that look good and I like to drive vehicles that make me feel young because, well… I am. I refuse to drive anything that makes me feel older than I am and a vehicle I would be embarrassed driving my children around in. Until recently I had never met a minivan that fit into the look and feel I wanted in a vehicle.However that all changed the minute I sat inside the new 2015 Kia Sedona.

It was a beautiful day in Southern California. TerriAnn, my drive partner from, and I walked out of the presentation room to choose which Sedona we would be driving for the day. As I glanced at the 20 something Sedona’s waiting to be driven I couldn’t help but notice how attractive the design was. Something that has honestly never crossed my mind before in a minivan (I will use the word “minivan” loosely as Kia is referring to the 2015 Sedona as a multi-purpose vehicle). With European-inspired styling similar to that of a CUV, the Sedona definitely caught my eye.

KiaSedonaSoulEV_Wave2-62-640x526Kia has done some serious cosmetic surgery to the exterior of the 2015 Sedona. They’ve stepped up their game and added some dramatic changes like a bolder, more aggressive front grille, LED daytime running lights, and a more sport looking body. Once we chose our Sedona, we hopped into the MPV, buckled up and prepared to take off on our drive route.

During our drive we had driver switch points which allowed us both to get time in the driver and passenger seats. I claimed the passenger seat as mine for the first leg as it allowed me to get familiar with the vehicle before driving it.Once TerriAnn and I were cleared we were on our way. From freeway, to country we took the Sedona all across Southern California.

The 2015 Sedona was impressive with minimal noise and a smooth ride. From a passenger’s stand point the seating inside the MPV was extremely comfortable. I mentioned on several occasions I could see myself taking the Sedona cross country. The plush leather seats hugged as you sat in them and really offered a luxurious feel.

The back seats offer innovative first class lounge style seating. Your children and passengers will forget they are in a MPV with these fully extending head and foot rests and reclining seats. Yes, even the third row reclines.

The 2015 Kia Sedona is available in both 7 or 8 seat capacity. As a mom to only two boys, I have learned the importance in extra seating and could definitely see myself utilizing the 7 seating capacity as we usually have friends or family in town.

The back seats can be moved around with ease. Whether you need to move them forward, back, or remove completely, Kia made it easy. When the back seating area is not needed, Kia introduced an industry first with their slide-n-stow. Slide-n-Stow converts passenger mode to cargo mode instantly. For back seat passengers, they can enjoy features made for technology with a USB input and an outlet to plug their electrical devices in.

BOSS Audio BV9372BI Double Din, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, DVD/CD/MP3/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo, 6.2 Inch Digital LCD Monitor, Detachable Front Panel, Wireless Remote
Car Audio or Theater (Boss Audio Systems, Inc.)
  • 80 Watts x 4 Max Power, RDS Tuner, Balance/Fader/Bass/Treble and Preset built-in EQ
  • Plays DVD/CD/USB/SD, MP3, WMA, FM/AM and Smart Phones
  • Compatible with Audio out from Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • USB, SD, Aux, AV, Rear Camera, Steering Wheel Control Inputs
  • Video, Front, Rear & Sub Pre Amp Outputs
  • Detachable Panel, Wireless Remote
  • Bluetooth Hands Free & Bluetooth Audio Streaming - play music and apps like Spotify/Pandora wirelessly
  • 3 Year Platinum Dealer Warranty

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