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I so enjoy the little "mom tips" that I've come across in life - those little things that I've learned learned from my mom, or a mom friend, that just make life a little nicer. Things that make the daily-daily just a little easier, or make me smile a little more, or will be a time saver for me. I'm not referring to the bigger projects like de-cluttering or, but just the small things - the "mom tips" that aren't in the self-help books, they're just life-experience things that I've gotten from a mom with experience under her belt. Well I'll share with you some of my Mom Tips for the car; I hope they bring a simple breath of fresh air to your regular every day patterns! *smile*
We currently own a full-size, 12-passenger Ford Econoline van – which we love. We have a blog URL sticker on the back window, and we chose a license plate and rim that are a great ministry opportunity, and they make a statement for being on purpose about family. The plate and rim are a great conversation starter; we’ve even had people ask to take a picture of it. *smile* If you'd like to read more about the features we love about our van (compared to other vehicles), and about . This "mom tips" post includes ideas that make our traveling smooth, extra pleasant, and extra safe. *smile*
~ Fixing the double stroller dilemma. Our double stroller took up most of the back of our 12-passenger van when it's lying down flat, but it would not stand up strait without help while we're driving. We needed the space in the back for many things including groceries, so to save space back there for other things my husband thought to use a very small bungee cord to help the stroller stay upright. We loop it through the metal back seat belt ring and hook both bungee hooks to the bar on the stroller. Works perfectly! ~ Emergency-supply box. We keep a clear plastic tub (approx. 6x30x15) in the back of our van, underneath the farthest back bench seat. It contains extra or emergency supplies we could need should we ever have to wait for road-side assistance, if we land on the side of the road in snow, or run out of gas - all of which I've done mind you, and I don't intend on doing it again unprepared with 9 young children in the van. *smile* I rarely get in to this box, but everything is priceless if I need it. The contents include:

  • an extra baby bottle - in case I don't have the baby's diaper bag, or do not have a bottle in my diaper bag for some reason, or if the one in the diaper bag was not cleaned out after last being used and now it contains bacteria and shouldn't be used; I have this extra clean one in the van.
  • an unopened can of formula - for emergencies on the side of the road and the food in the diaper bag is not enough; or if I forgot to bring the diaper bag all together; or if the van broke down seriously and we had to stay somewhere away from home for a while, we wouldn't need to also worry about getting baby food; or most often, if the formula containers in the diaper bag were not refilled as they were supposed to have been and now I'm stranded at church or somewhere with no food for the baby. I open the "emergency can" from the van, and then replace it with a new one when we get home.
  • bottled waters - for people to drink, or to make baby bottles with.
  • protein bars - emergency food (I see no sense in adding starving kids to a situation!)
  • an old but clean bath towel - to clean up throw up in the van, or even better, if a child feels like they may throw up soon then I can put that over their lap and they can catch everything when they do throw up. This has been used many times.

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