Ice cream truck van

Chevrolet : G20 Van High Top | High tops, Trucks and Vintage
Bedford Ave & N 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Today, i had the Cookie Dough vegan ice cream in a cone. Chunks of cookie dough inside melt-in-your-mouth coconut ice cream. These guys are always my go-to for vegan ice cream.

My sister and brother in law were SO excited for me to try their ice cream. They love this place. We went yesterday and there was one person working and a fairly long line. I placed my order which was for 2 scoops in a waffle cone. The worker picks up my waffle cone with his hands (that had just been handling cash) touching both the inside and outside of the cone. I should have spoken up but it was crowded and I was in shock. Needless to say, I did not have a good experience. I was grossed out and felt my money was wasted.

I haven't had ice cream like this ever! I got a two scoop Passion Fruit Layer Cake and Cookies and Cream cup with hot fudge. Can I tell you that each and every bite was an overwhelming explosion of chilled greatness. The layers of cake were perfectly distributed in each bite. Highly recommend.

I'm in love. The ice cream is just delectable. The waiter Eric is so polite and accommodating. I will definitely be back.

I got the Earl Grey Tea and Ginger. Perfect flavor for me is the earl grey! So refreshing. I don't have a sweet tooth and usually dislike ice cream but the Tea flavor enticed me. That servers are sweet and nice! It's over priced. To be honest, I will order again but not that frequent.

Ohhhh my god I head over heels for this ice cream. My sister and I stumbled upon this ice cream truck when we were walking down to the West Village. It was hot out and we were both craving something sweet. They have vegan flavors and regular ice cream flavors, along with variations of sauces and toppings. My sister got one of the regular ice cream flavors: strawberry corn (I think it was that flavor, maybe it was corn raspberry? Something with corn and fruit). I tried a few bites and was amazed by how good the flavor was. It definitely had a corn taste, but it wasn't weird at all. In a way it was kind of refreshing. If there are vegan options, I usually opt for those, so I chose the vegan cookie dough with caramel sauce. It. was. so. good. It was almost painful to share with my sister because I wanted all of it to myself. The chunks of cookie dough were big and delicious (I still can't believe they were vegan) and the caramel sauce was sweet and a little salty. I'm so hooked. I'm hoping to visit one of the store fronts for Van Leeuwen soon!

Very simple modern vibe. This place was pretty full when I came on a Sunday afternoon. They have basic flavors, but home-made, so it's bound to be good. We got the vanilla and also the affogato (vanilla with a coffee drink basically). Loved it. The only issue here is the prices. It'll cost you a pretty penny for a pretty small scoop of ice cream ($6).

On a hot day in Williamsburg I was so excited to see the 'ice-cream man'. The ice cream was what I call proper ice cream. Nice and creamy and the flavor was very strong. I had mint choc chip & chocolate and loved them both, you can really taste the pure chocolate flavor. My husband had espresso & chocolate and said the same thing, normally you get a flavor and it doesn't really taste of it, but said both had a strong flavor. The truck is cash only so be prepared. I will definitely have my eye out for the truck when I'm out again on a sunny day.

What a lucky day. My first time in Williamsburg and just about to head home when we pass this truck. I've heard about the vegan ice cream served at Van Leeuwen, so could not pass up the chance even though I was stuffed from dinner. The Mint Chip has to be the best mint chip I've ever had. It's not abnormally bright green nor overpoweringly sweet like normal mint chip. Instead, it was the perfect level and combination of subtle sweetness and refreshing mint. The Vegan Dark Chocolate was okay. It tasted very much like coconut milk. Not enough dark chocolate flavor. I also asked to try a spoonful of the Earl Grey just because that seems to be everyone's favorite flavor, but for some reason it tasted like fruit loops to me. Their ice cream is on the expensive side, but I don't mind paying a little extra for good quality ice cream. Coconut milk's more expensive than milk anyways.

Vegan mint chocolate chip is fantastic. So glad to have a dairy free option that isn't loaded with weird ingredients. It's a bit pricey but I thought it was worth it!

I was so excited to see Pandan/Sesame and Pistachio on the menu. I stopped by the shop not the truck and paid 11 for TWO single scoops. DISGUSTING. It tasted like chemicals, it makes me wonder if it's a bad batch because someone must have sprayed Lysol or spilled Dish Detergent in the machine. So nasty. I could not taste pistachio nor sesame nor Pandan. Do you guys even taste test your products? ugh makes me mad all over again reliving this experience. I love pandan and sesame flavors, apparently only asians know how to execute those exotic flavors. Please stick to what you know. I will never return. I took two bites to make sure it was as disgusting as I thought and threw it away. I ran to Oddfellows as fast as I could and got one scoop for around 4 bucks to get that nasty fake taste out of my mouth. What a violation to my tastebuds. No thanks. Never again

Story: I was walking down the streets of Williamsburg and had a sudden urge for some ice cream. Luckily this truck screamed ice cream through it's sign so I checked what they had to offer. Food: Gianduja (Nutella)- Definitely tastes like nutella and it's either me or it melts pretty quickly Hazelnut- sweet and creamy with slight chunks of nuts. This too melted pretty fast. O_o Ambiance: It's an ice cream truck in the streets of Brooklyn so you'll get the hipster brooklyn streets experience. While ordering my ice cream I was by a group of riff raffs sitting on the steps clowning on hipsters that passed by. It was quite amusing. Customer Service: The workers was quick, polite, and informative. He restricted me to only one sample though. Overall: I give this place a 3.5. They may provide a great unique flavors but it just didn't stand out to me. I understand the reason for its pricey scoops but I think I can just settle for store bought ice cream. This wouldn't be a place I must come back to but I know this is a good place to get the job done. Advice: Try their vegan or other unique flavors.

Van Leeuwen does seasonal ice cream flavors and I was lucky enough to be in the neighborhood for it. I shared the earl grey and pistachio with my boyfriend, portions are fair. I definitely prefer the earl grey while my boyfriend likes the pistachio. Very rich in flavor and the server even lets you sample the flavors before you make a choice. EXTRA bonus points for serving vegan/paleo ice cream!

Definitely SMALLL WAY TOO SMALL portion wise for $7 ice cream. Seriously give me some love. You are a food truck and probably only expense you have is that truck and gas. Seriously give us a bigger portion. I pay $4 in chinatown and gets twice of your $7 scope. Flavor is really so so. They have all the essential flavor which is good. Less time for me to decide between those exotic stuff vs. vanilla.

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