Ice cream van Edinburgh

Betty King (left) cafe worker Vince D'Angelo (right)

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Desmond King, son of Betty King.

Ice Cream Van

Leslie King (and who else?)

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Desmond King, son of Betty King

Desmond wrote:

Photo 1

My Mother

"This photo shows my mother, Betty King, with a cafe worker (unknown to me). On the right is, as I called him, Uncle Vince D'Angelo. As usual, he was was having fun, in this instance having his thumb and hand sticking out from his nose."

Photo 2

My Father and Uncle

"This photo shows my father Leslie King with his ice cream van which sold, of course, Polar Ices. He and Uncle Vince were great friends for many, many years. They even took day trips away together to Inverary etc. At times, my father helped Uncle Vince make the delicious ice cream."


"My father lived at 16 West Pilton Circus and later at Gorgie. He passed away in 2006 and my mother passed away in 2007. I passed by the family home a couple of times to say hello to Uncle Vince and his wife, Aunty Cathy, after my father had passed, but got no-one in.

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