Ice cream van MP3

Download Icecream Media Converter from our site and start the installation. Setup Wizard will help you get through the process in a few seconds and successfully install the program on your computer. Once the installation is finished, go ahead and run the program.

The first thing you see is the main window with the “Add file” button on it.

Hit that button to be redirected to the “Add file” working panel. To insert a file to convert, click on the white area at the top of the window with an icon of the folder on the right. This will open your computer explorer. Browse your hard drive to find the video that you want to convert. In case you forgot its specific location, feel free to filter all the video files by selecting to choose only certain types of files (in this case “Video files” is the most legit option) in the dropdown menu of the File Type line.

Configure output file settings

  • Configure Type Settings. To rip audio from video, select “Audio” option in the “Type Settings” line.
  • Set the conversion method. You don’t need to convert by device because you know for sure what format you need. So, choose the “Format” option in the “Convert By” line.
  • Choose format. Open the dropdown menu and find MP3 on the list.
  • Choose quality. If you want the initial quality of a video to stay the same, then select “Best” option. If you are ok with the fact that the quality would become a bit lower – choose any of 3 other variants which are “Good”, “Average” or “Bad”. This will make the file more compact yet a bit lower in the quality.

Start MP4 to MP3 conversion

After all the settings are configured, to convert this exact file press the button “Convert” located in the lower right corner of this panel. If you want to convert from MP4 to MP3 more than one file, opt for a bulk conversion option: click on “Add to Queue” button after tweaking the settings and repeat the process for all the files that you want to convert. Make sure all the desired files are in the queue and all the settings are configured properly. Then, press the “Convert” button to start the conversion. When the conversion is completed, the program will suggest you to check the output MP3 file in the containing folder.

Oxford Mini Ice Cream Van, RHD, Huskys Ices / Batman, 0, Model Car, Ready-made, Oxford 1:43
Toy (Oxford)
  • Year of Construction : 0
  • scale : 1:43
  • Type : Ready-made
  • Material : Metal / plastic
  • Brand : Mini

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