Ice cream van noise

Nuisance phone call to police about ice cream vanThe distressed caller dialled 101 after the van’s chimes became too much to handle.

West Midlands Police released a recording of the phone call in a bid to remind people to “think before you call”.

The man starts by saying: “Hello, I’ve got a query about an ice cream van.

“His chimes, I think have got to be far too loud, I mean, they go right through the building.

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Police were called to reports of a noisy ice cream van

His chimes, I think have got to be far too loud, I mean, they go right through the building

“And I don't know if there’s any sort of legal requirement to have them at a certain decibel level.”

The operator tells the man that his complaint would be one for environmental health.

“You would need to speak to your local council because we don’t have the power to assess noise, ” he adds.

Posting the recording on Twitter, West Midlands Police wrote: “The chimes from the ice cream van too loud? That’s not appropriate to call 101 about!”

Ice cream van nuisance callWest Midlands Police

Police released a video about the nuisance phone call on Twitter

The warning comes after the police released audio of another 101 call in which a pensioner reports finding dog excrement in her front garden.

However, officers were accused of “belittling” the woman – a claim that the police strongly denies.

They say the clip is being released as part of a campaign to highlight bogus and nuisance calls.

Other calls to the force have included a man reporting a bird falling from a tree, a wasp problem in a street and a botch-job haircut.

Head of force contact Ch Supt Jim Andronov said: “The 101 number provides a vital service for people to contact us for non-emergency matters – but some people treat it as a general directory service.

“We take literally hundreds of spurious calls a month. These take up valuable police time and delay us dealing with genuine police matters.

“Many of the queries could be resolved with a simple internet search so our message is, think before you call."

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