Ice cream vans license

Apply for a business license to operate an ice cream truck or ice cream cart in your area.Apply for a business license to operate an ice cream truck or ice cream cart in your area.

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Sell a variety of ice cream and other frozen treats, such as fruit pops and frozen candy bars to children and adults by starting an ice cream truck or ice cream cart business. Popular places to sell ice cream include public parks, venues such as fairgrounds and stadiums or drive through family-friendly neighborhoods to find customers. Work part-time or full-time depending on your availability or hire an employee or two to sell the ice cream.

1. Contact the county clerk's office or small business administration office in your area to apply for a business license. Contact the local health department to ask about licenses such as a food handler's license, food manager's license or frozen dessert license. You may need to complete training and pass a written exam to obtain the proper licenses. Apply for an Employer Identification Number to use on all tax and business forms. EIN's are available through the Internal Revenue Service.

2. Purchase or lease a new or used ice cream truck or cart. Contact the department of motor vehicles for more information about truck or cart safety requirements, maximum size and licenses to operate. Inspect the truck or cart thoroughly before purchasing or leasing to determine if the vehicle is safe to operate and includes equipment such as a freezer and adequate storage space for additional materials such as ice cream cones, bowls, utensils and napkins. Contact the health department to schedule an inspection of the ice cream truck or cart.

3. Purchase ice cream, frozen treats, ice cream cones and containers, utensils and toppings such as sprinkles, cherries, hot fudge and peanuts from a vendor or local grocery store.

4. Create a daily route that includes neighborhoods occupied by families, parks, schools, shopping centers, festival areas and other places where children and adults frequent to build a customer base. Create a colorful sign and place it on ice cream truck or cart. Includes all ice cream items and prices on the sign.


  • If only accepting cash, stock your cash box or register with small bills at the beginning of each day so you have enough to make change.


  • Place all health department licenses and department of motor vehicle decals in plain view to avoid tickets and fines.
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