Whitby Morrison Ice cream vans

Whitby Morrison

Aside from the build quality and equipment performance, the appearance and presentation of an Ice Cream Van is a key factor in it's sales performance. Here at Whitby Morrison we employ some of the UK's most talented artists. With a combined experience of almost 80 years, they have the ability to replicate almost any design idea - and of course have plenty of new ideas too!

At the Whitby Morrison in-house design facility, we have the capacity to use various paint application methods commencing with thorough bodywork preparation and primer application. A simple base coat is then applied prior to the development of the key paintwork.

This can be a standard Two Pack system. This paint type is very hardwearing and produces a finish straight from the spray gun, so cutting application times. Drying is assisted by the use of a hardener (the second part of the two pack system), although evaporation takes place also in the heated spray booth.

An increasingly more common system is the Water Based approach. This system is readily use by vehicle manufacturers and repairers today. The colour coat is water based but still needs to be protected by a two-pack type clear or lacquer coating. Being water based it is more environmentally friendly.

Once this process is completed the signwriting and artwork are applied. In keeping with the traditional methods used by Whitby Morrison, hand-drawn graphics, which are then hand-painted with a brush, are the most popular choice. Of course we can also add computer-cut vinyl graphics and adhesive product labels should that be the requirement. There really is no limit to what the Whitby Morrison artists can achieve!

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