Does Chevy make a minivan

Was This GM Minivan The Greatest Letdown In Automotive History?

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With all the new crossover SUV's being introduced and minivan sales declining steadily for many years now, are we going to get to a point where minivans will be a thing of the past?

Chevrolet no longer offers any minivan in their lineup neither does Ford. Most automakers are making crossover SUV's to replace the aging look of the minivan. Many crossover SUV's now have room for 7 occupants as well as offering a better ride and more cargo room. Crossovers are the fastest growing segment of the automobile community with most families opting to use a crossover as their primary vehicle.

What do you think?

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Chevy and Ford stopped making them because they never were able to make a good one. That said, I believe that minivans will soon be a thing of the past.

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Originally Posted by GTOlover chrysler made the worst of the big three with a tranny 3-speed borrwed from the neon mated to a 3.0 mitusbishi motor that was terrible suck gas like a huge V6 but made the power of a 4-banger.

the best mini-vans were the chevy astro and ford aerostar because they were based off light truck platforms and could do some decent towing and haul 7 people no problem.

the FWD minivans were not that great I agree with that.

also you can never go wrong with a ford econoline or chevy savannna full size van they have been solid for 30+ years now

Sorry Guys, but I beg to differ on some of the the Chevy Mini Van comments. ie. Trlhiker

The later model Venture Van 2004 and 2005 (The last years produced) I custom ordered one of the last ones produced (2005) right at the point where they brought in the 05 Uplander. I had a choice and took the Venture Van that by that time had most all the bugs worked out.

I have owned Many New Suburbans since 1974, 4 New Beauville vans, and 6 New Astro window Vans as well, but the Venture Van has been the Best vehicle I have ever owned, and I still own it, and drive it every day now 77, 000 miles with no squeaks or rattles.

Even though I liked my Astro vans for a specific duty, they had quite a few problems. The last one I ordered had a drumming sound inside that sounded like a car next to me with a BOOM BOX going.
After 10 Chevy tries to resolve it, they finally gave up and offered me Cash back, another new Astro, or a new Venture van No Charge for all my time and trouble.
I chose the Venture Van and boy was I glad I did. Granted it is not a HD hauler, (rated for 3500lb. w/trailer tow package) but it is everything else.

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