Minivan camping Tents

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  • Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tents convert your SUV or minivan into a comfortable camping cabin in minutes
  • Napier Sportz merges your vehicle's cargo area with a spacious tent to form an inviting home away from home
  • Crafted from polyester taffeta and polyester oxford for superior strength, and waterproofed to keep you dry (When connected to your vehicle)
  • Napier Sportz uses reinforced fiberglass tent poles for durability and shock-corded to prevent loss
  • Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tents feature water-resistant double-coated polyethylene floors
  • Easily converts to a stand-alone tent by removing the patented, detachable sleeve (Optional accessory rain fly needed if not connected to vehicle)
  • Choose the 9’ x 9’ 82000 Series or the 10’ x 10’ 84000 Series (depending on vehicle)
  • Includes a handy expandable carrying case
  • NapierSportz is the world leader in vehicle camping tents
  • Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tents come with a 1-year warranty


Experience Mother Nature in ways you never thought possible. Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tents throw up a spacious room addition that snuggly fits to your vehicle's cargo area. The Sportz tent not only delivers roomy camping comfort; you also have access to the roomy retreat in your vehicle's cargo area.

This is camping at its best—your trusty vehicle merged with a plus-sized polyester hideaway. The Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tent's patented sleeves allow total vehicle access from within and easily detaches—the tent stays standing while you enjoy off-site excursions. Plus, the awning and rain-fly combo provides some lazy shade and keeps your stuff dry in rough weather.

Your SUV tent brings a new dimension to camping; sleep in your vehicle and use the tent as living space. Or, stow gear in the ride and catch some Z's in the tent—the choice is yours. Go for a Napier Sportz SUV & Minivan Tent and experience your personal haven away from home. Pick from 2 different sizes (depending on your vehicle). And, Napier Sportz backs your Sportz SUV Tent with a 1-year warranty.

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