Ugliest minivan ever

Ford WindstarSlide-46333

Ford Windstar

The Windstar is about as glamorous as a UPS truck. But what puts it on our list of all-time ugliest minivans isn’t necessarily its exterior. It's ugly on the inside too.

Structurally speaking, it might be the most unreliable minivan of all time. Some Windstar drivers had their drive axles detach from the transmission thanks to corrosion caused by rusting in the subframe. Some Windstars were so unsafe that Ford agreed to repurchase vehicles to get them off the road.


Buick Terraza

During its unheralded, three-year run, the Terraza symbolized its fitful, chaotic upbringing. It was designed to be a luxury version of GM’s minivan lineup. When Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn were scrapped, the low-selling Terraza went to the junkyard along with it.

Buick TerrazaAlthough the larger-sized Terazza looks disjointed, what with its mismatched-sized windows, this car deserves more credit than minivan historians might otherwise give it. It’s the precursor to the much-ballyhooed Buick Enclave.


Nissan Quest

The Quest has not aged gracefully. In terms of aging gracefully, this vehicle actually seems like it’s openly defiant.

Unlike other minivans on our list, the Quest has gotten more ugly in its most recent iterations. It started off as a collaboration with Ford and not surprisingly looked a little like the Windstar.

Nissan QuestOff on its own, the Quest had something of a midlife crisis, went out on a bender and became the black sheep of its peer group. Charitably speaking, it looks like body parts from four different cars were welded together and set upon four undersized tires.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the inside is pretty nice. And to its credit, the current Quest does something unlike any of the other cars soulless cars on the market today. It forged an identity all its own.


Toyota Van

The Toyota Van, also known as the Toyota MasterAce, looks like a Japanese version of Volkswagen’s iconic microbus.

In fact, it was Toyota’s early answer to Chrysler’s minivan, with U.S. sales starting in 1983. Hilariously, certain trim levels were referred to as the “Wonder Wagon” in advertisements.

Sadly, a full-fledged minivan with only three doors is anything but.


Pontiac Trans Sport

Like its corporate siblings, the Oldsmobile Silhouette and Chevy Lumina APV, the Trans Sport is a notable piece of equipment in minivan history. It will be forever remembered as the dust-buster car for its fluid, bulbous figure.
Toyota Van Pontiac Trans Sport
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