Custom Van interior design

Custom Van Interior :

DIY Sprinter Gallery: Miguel – 170″ WB Sprinter DIY Conversion

Miguel Santana wanted a Sprinter van for hauling his dirt bikes, and for camping out on weekends: “I chose the 170″ Sprinter because I wanted to be able to sleep and fit dirt bikes in the back…my key priorities when doing the build were fold-up beds, lots of storage, an Espar heater and insulation, without getting too complicated. I wanted it to be durable, yet easy to set up for sleeping and eating… I’ve worked on it mostly in the winter when the weather was warm enough…I bought the van new, and I’ve put at least another $6000 into the interior…The van has interior LED lighting, cigarette-lighter-style 12V outlets and USB plugs as well. The ARB fridge draws very little power. I also have overhead cabinets (both open and enclosed) and a tool cabinet which holds dirt bike riding tools and clothes, plus space for over a week’s worth of food. I also carry a Power Tank which is great for any tire repairs, or airing the tires down for better traction in sand and for the tires on the dirt bikes as well.”

DIY Sprinter Gallery: Beth & Forrest – 140″ WB Sprinter DIY Conversion

Beth and Forrest Bault wanted to build a simple, high-quality van capable of going off-road. They chose a Sprinter for its great gas mileage, head-room, and ground clearance: “…the Sprinter has excellent ground clearance for a van—in fact, the van has more ground clearance than our Jeep on 31” tires. The 140” was the best option for us, as we needed more length than a 118” and the 158” is too long for off-road use. It was never our intention to include a bathroom in our Sprinter conversion and the 140” has plenty of room for the two of us and Sprocket.” The build happened over the course of several months: the cabinets took a week to make and the rest was done on weekends…We spent $20K on the van, (and) put significantly less than $20K into the conversion. Keeping things simple also helps keep the costs down. You’re living/traveling in a van–how much do you really need?!”

DIY Sprinter Gallery: Willimann – 144″ WB Sprinter DIY Conversion

Urs Willimann had travelled all throughout Australia with a camper van, and thought that it was the perfect travel vehicle: “I learned quickly about the various models of the Sprinter vans, and decided the Sprinter 2500 144″ wheelbase crew van was best suited for us: plenty of weight capacity, very maneuverable and best of all, my wife likes to drive it! I had the basic design in my head, mainly driven by aesthetics and what worked in our Australian camper van…we checked out some RV shows, but many of these conversions seemed claustrophobic, too complicated or not well thought out….I prefer simpler designs, (so I) decided to convert a van myself.… It was important to first figure out what I wanted, then decide on the systems that were needed, research the appliances that would do the trick and order them, and once everything was here I could get started…The total Sprinter camper conversion, van and fittings included down to the last teaspoon, cost me just about US$50, 000, and it took me about three months or about 350 hours.”

DIY Sprinter Gallery – Ron and Jill’s 118″ WB DIY Sprinter Conversion

Ron and Jill Tanner are the Houselove team: their project of renovating a circa-1897 Baltimore row house turned from a hobby almost into a vocation, as Ron’s blog (and new book) have turned the Houselove couple into a fixture among the reno-obsessed. They also have created their own custom Sprinter conversion on a very short 118″ chassis, with a one-of-a-kind retro feel to it, kind of like…a stylishly redone old house! Coincidence? Ron: “I did a lot of research on which van to convert…The Sprinter was hands-down the best bet for getting the most space in the smallest package…As a design project, this was a huge challenge…I had to have 1) a cooktop and sink, b) enough storage for food, kitchen equipment — including a water heater, and c) a full bed…Total cost was close to $60K. $20K for the used 2006 van (with 60K miles on it). Biggest expense was the electrical system: solar panels, 6 AGM batteries, big inverter, breaker panels, etc. Second-biggest expense was the custom paint job and body work. Third-biggest expense was the water system, which included custom aluminum holding tanks, custom stainless steel counter and other fixtures. The van itself needed (a new) EGR valve and shifter/transmission. I replaced the shocks and stabilizer bar, got new tires…So my own work on the van, with some down time for custom tank fittings etc., lasted about 6 months…I am surprised by how much storage space there is for clothes and food. For four months, I traveled fully loaded all over the country and then, when Jill joined me, I still had room for her stuff too…I’m really pleased with the electrical system. I’ve got all the outlets and lights and extras I’ve ever wanted. And, because of multiple power sources (both solar and alternator feed), I can take this van anywhere without power worries.”

DIY Sprinter Gallery – Mark’s Stealth 170″ WB DIY Sprinter Conversion

Mark Ramsbottom and his partner built a “stealth” DIY Sprinter RV conversion from a 2010 MB Sprinter 316 CDI, what we in the States call a Sprinter 2500 cargo van on a 170″ wheelbase. Their van has lots of interior lights, an electric bed that lowers from the ceiling, and a cozy apartment feel, all powered by solar and diesel: “Major design goals were to maximize livability as we are living in the van full-time. We wanted a lounge area that was big enough for both of us to comfortably lie fully extended on our own couch, to assist with long periods of potentially being inside during poor weather. We wanted a kitchen that was usable with bench space, and a bed that had a decent mattress that didn’t need making each day. Power-wise, we didn’t want to plug into power, use a generator, or carry gas. Solar/diesel only – fill up the tank and it’s all done…We decided to forgo a separate shower/toilet room as it would take too much space, add too much weight in water, and would only be used for minutes a day. The open plan feel to our van was important to us. in the end, there was only three areas to design – kitchen, lounge, bedroom. Lots of insulation, so no heating/cooling so far…took about 4 months full-time to complete, a lot longer than we originally thought…We used what are hopefully quality parts, so our cost was quite high; probably about $20, 000 plus the van purchase.”

BDK BDK Front and Back ProLiner Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats for Auto, 3 Piece Set
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OPT7 OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit (4 Items)
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Philips Philips 127916000KB2 Vision LED Car Lamp, 194 LED / T10 White 6000K, 2 Pack
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