Step Van camper conversion

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This camper conversion is a very simple one. Our plan was to buy a van, convert it and then drive around Europe over the summer on an extended holiday. We planned only on using the van to sleep in and store our stuff. We made no attempt to insulate it, provide power to it or cook in it (it was designed for a European summer, we slept with the doors open most nights, had an extension lead to charge the laptop if needed; cooking, cleaning and ablutions would be done at the camp sites we stayed at). We just wanted it to be as comfortable as possible inside.

With all the doors closed it looks like any other white van anywhere in the world, it doesn't get a second look, excellent for suburban camping and camping where people might not want you camping, e.g in city centres and car parks (if that takes your fancy). We figured the worst case scenario we might find ourselves in would be not being able to find a camp site, in which case we could just park up anywhere and get some sleep for the night, no worries!

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