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Rhino's SafeStep is a chassis mounted rear step system, designed to make it much easier and safer to step in and out of vans, especially when carrying a load. It will help to protect your back and your knees. It should also protect the bumper and panels from fork lift damage and, depending on the vehicle, may also make it a lot easier to load and unload a roof rack.

Each vehicle has a specific mounting, so SafeSteps are mounted at a standard, optimum height. Many of our customers will recognise this product as the Handistep - Rhino Products purchased this business from Walker Scott Ltd in December 2013. The SafeStep is designed to be fitted by one person, using existing mounting points, and without the need for specialist equipment. Clear and concise fitting instructions are included, as are all necessary nuts and bolts. You’ll see several options for each van – choose yellow or black, and whether you want reversing sensors, and then choose between twin or triple steps.

Important notes on reversing sensors:

  • If you already have reversing sensors you will need to disconnect them, because the Rhino SafeStep will stop them working correctly.

Interesting automotive fact

Auto transport companies realize how difficult it can be for their clients to go for one or two weeks without a car; thus, they do all in their power to avoid delays. However, each truck transports car belonging to many different clients, and for each of them cars have to be loaded and unloaded, so in some cases delays are possible. Read the section on delay reimbursements in your auto transport contract carefully.

Meets or exceeds Dot and SAE standard 1992-2013 Ford Econoline Van Rear Step Bumper Top Pad Black YC2Z17B807AAB
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Meets or exceeds Dot and SAE standard)
  • Meets or exceeds Dot and SAE standard
  • OE compareable replacement

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