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Subaru BratWe often report on AutoTrader.com's most frequently searched cars, which usually account for thousands of listings each. But we recently explored another statistic: the site's scarcest models. We compared the number of searches for each model against the number of matching vehicles for sale, leading us to the cars with the highest demand per listing. But as we poured over the data - and with Halloween looming - we noticed that in addition to being scarce, most of the site's rarest cars are also downright scary, either due to their design, price tag or a combination of other spooky factors. So, forgive us for the play on words as we bring you the 'scarciest' cars on AutoTrader.com.

1. Subaru Brat

Despite active listings fluctuating between zero and one, there were nearly 2, 700 searches last month for the unusual Subaru Brat, officially making it the "scarciest" vehicle on AutoTrader.com. Released in 1977, the Brat was a four-wheel drive pickup truck based on Subaru's compact DL and GL models, which were offered in sedan, station wagon or coupe body styles.Toyota Van Only offered outside Japan, the Brat's name was derived from an acronym meaning "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transport" - except in Australia, where it was inexplicably known as the Subaru Brumby. While its mere existence is slightly spooky, the Brat's scariest feature was also its most unique: rear facing jump seats mounted in the bed which were completely exposed to the elements and offered little protection in the event of a collision.

2. Toyota Van

Though we think most of the people who did the 2, 400 searches for Toyota Van last month were mistakenly looking for one of the automaker's newer minivan models, we can't help but imagine they were in for quite a shock when they saw the 1980s era Van - provided they visited the site when one was listed.Subaru XT While Toyota is well-known today for its popular Sienna, the automaker's first foray into the minivan market came in the early '80s with the unimaginatively-named Van, which was little more than a cargo van with windows and seats. While its 87-horsepower 2.0-liter engine would be enough to frighten most consumers, the Van's biggest spook came from its seating position, which placed the driver and front passenger directly above the front axle, eschewing crumple zones altogether. Needless to say, frontal impacts in the Van weren't pretty, sales weren't brisk, and by 1990 Toyota replaced it with the egg-shaped Previa.

3. Subaru XT

Although it was seen as futuristic when it arrived in 1985, the Subaru XT's exterior styling is positively terrifying by today's standards. It may be for the best, then, that despite more than 1, 600 searches last month, just one or two listings for the doorstop-shaped coupe appear on AutoTrader.com. Sold as the "sporty Subaru" alongside the more practical Legacy, the XT wasn't a bad car, offering a 111-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and later a more muscular 145-horsepower 2.7-liter flat six. But its wedge shape and massive front and rear overhangs rekindle memories of the worst of the '80s, further enhanced inside thanks to the XT's strange two-spoke steering wheel and control stack protruding from the steering column. While it's not uncommon to find a gearhead who fondly remembers the XT's futuristic look, we think the coupe probably wouldn't need a costume to go trick-or-treating these days.

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