Toyota minivan USA

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19600 Van Ness Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 468-4728

Nice collection of Toyotas. Brings back a lot of memories. Was here for a work seminar and got to visit the museum during our breaks.

For those who love the older style Toyota's that they grew up with, parents who drove them or yourself having one this museum houses some of the delectable favorable cars Toyota has made. The layout is in a warehouse type setting all the cars are parked in really no manner order or category other than by model or truck. Check their website for days and hours this is not opened daily. Overall glad I was able to check this place out before they move supposedly to Texas.

Ah, the 'Toyota Museum'. Let's just say it's an oxymoron. It's amusing that this random hanger is supposed to be THE Americas museum for the world's leading automaker. As much as I LOVE all things Toyota, calling this a museum makes me chuckle. This unmarked building is basically a large hanger that pseudo stores random Toyota vehicles that are not in use. Vehicles are parked within inches of each other (I cringe when I think of how they'll get a car moved, don't scratch the 5 cars inches away), with seemingly no logical cohesion (eg a old truck next to this year's crossover) and nearly no signage. A lay person would have zero insight as to why a car was in the collection or why it is on display. The collection clearly misses key vehicles you'd think would be here - say, Toyota's first vehicle, Toyota USA's first vehicle, the LF-A, the first Prius, the fuel cell vehicle... The annual Detroit Auto Show sees better Toyotas, really. Confused? Yeah, so is this museum. It's as if the real museum is in Japan (it is) and all the random cars in the U.S. are stored here (they are). When Toyota moves to Texas, I bet they put more thought into what a museum should look like. In the meantime, this place has cars, trucks and race cars that make my little boys happy. For example, you may see some F1 and NASCAR race cars and trucks, some random cars associated with relatively recent movies (eg Minority Report), some old trucks Jeremy Clarkson rails on about and a lot of vehicles you shrug at. The museum puts together a few events for the public. Our favorite is the Trunk-or-Treat for the kiddos before Halloween. I just wish it was better organized, say with more than just 4 cars with small buckets of candy and that the candy offered was more little kid-friendly (no hard candy, no chocking hazards, no sticky candy - please offer some milk chocolate for small kids!).

Came here yesterday, very nice place to go and spend at most an hour at .. Be aware you do have to setup a time to drop by, appointments only! It's a self guided place, walk around and take your time. Loved the race cars that are there.

Really neat place! Fun to walk around and see the racing cars and old cars. If you are in the area you should check it out.

Toyota museum is definitely one of the best local museum in town. Who doesn't like Toyota cars? They are practically everywhere! Majority of Americans drive Toyota, so what could be the best way to get to know the product, But to learn something about its history. Came here for a conference, and I was thrilled to enjoy the history in one of the automobile in the industry. The building itself is very low key, the outdoor interior doesn't say clearly or announce that this is the Toyota museum. The best part is that the parking and entrance fee is FREE although, It is advisable to inquire about the business hours. The museum offers great collection of Toyota cars, going back the early stages of car production. Car enthusiast can feast their eyes from classic two door racecars into a modern luxury sedan. They also feature imaginative design and advance technology, which is incorporated into the production. Towards the back area, there is a great group of sports car compiled together, stretching from earlier years. This museum is also filled of historical information about the company. The tour guide will disclose its humble beginnings, featuring the forefather and its successors. They also do a walkthrough of the several challenges that the organization faced and how they overcome them. This museum is not only educational but also entertaining. I definitely recommend taking kids and allow them to learn more about these particular automobile parts. Perhaps one day this will inspire them to make a valuable contribution.

For all those real car owners out there (Toyota Lovers). Go to Torrance and check this place out now! Toyota rules always,

Took a trip to Torrance for the 'Japanese Classic Car Show: Street Neo Classics' a couple months ago and stopped by this Museum. I love History and Toyota; also Toyota owning runs in my family. So coming into this place full of Nostalgia is definitely a pretty sight to see. They have all sorts of vehicles from Prototypes, Concepts, and show cars to Performance, Race Cars, and Celebrity cars. They even have a Toyota forklift! I absolutely love the Old 70's and 80's cars they have on display. If you're ever in Southern California. Stop by! You won't regret the visit.

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